A new solar Hive in the Massif Central, France

DroneHive worked in the past three month with Orange and Crédit Agricole to propose innovative services to stockbreeders.

Setting a Hive fully powered by solar pannel and connected through 4G, DroneHive create a real solution for herds survey in the mountain. Stockbreeders lose precious time when they have to go on their plots whithout knowing it worth the trip. Summer plots are usually isolated and sometime it would take hours to get there. Thus the Hive enables breeders to have a daily video feedback on their herds. Then they can easily have a look at the animals, check their behaviour and health and evade unecessary trips.

The Hive was deployed in september and gave very good feedback on the capabilities of the technology. Hence a full installation can be considered for the year 2019.

A Solar Hive for 100% off-grid application

In order to increase the capabilities of its systems, DroneHive just include a solar-powered option for the Hive.

This option answer to an important need in the case of drone inspection in remote area. It offer a 100% off-grid availability.

The solar panel fuel the Hive while communication goes through 3G/4G network.

Currently deployed in the south of Paris, the Hive will soon be installed on a customer site.



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